We are dedicated to helping you protect your investment

Dee was born and raised in Colorado and moved to Arizona in 1985. Sarah was born and raised in the Phoenix area.

Dee previously worked for Premier Pest Management in Fountain Hills, Az from 2001 to 2012.

Sarah previously owned and operated a successful landscaping business for 24 years, having most of the same clientele for those years.

Interacting with people in Arizona, we realized the growing need for home watch services and decided to start our business in Oct. of 2007.


Arizona Home Watch LLC


We do a full interior and exterior inspection. You will receive a detailed checklist and email confirmation with each inspection. We use a state of the art Thermal Imaging Camera to check for water leaks. Digital photos of problems or issues will be attached. We are familiar with all security systems and companies. We also have a referral database if you need some kind of work done ( we make no guarantees as to the quality or affordability of any other company ).

Our services include, but are not limited to:

​Running faucets, flushing toilets, checking for water leaks, checking appliances, checking for pest issues, making sure all doors and windows are secure, adding salt to water softeners, checking and adding water to golf cart batteries, checking car battery chargers, starting and moving stored vehicles, checking landscaping and pool for issues, and much more ( just ask )

We also will meet with service people or contractors. If we can schedule these meetings on your regular inspection day, we will not charge extra for this service, if we cannot we charge $25 per hour. 


"Dee of Arizona Home Watch has been looking after our home for over ten years when we go away. She does an excellent job, giving weekly reviews after her visits. Her rates are very reasonable, considering she does such a professional detailed visit, including checking for any infiltration of moisture during the monsoon season. When we are thousands of miles away in Europe, it gives us tremendous peace of mind knowing our home is being so well looked after. Thank you Dee!
June & Keith"



​We have used AZ Home Watch for 4 years and have been very impressed with the thoroughness of their bimonthly visits.  I never hesitate to make special requests which have always been handled very quickly and efficiently.  I have true peace of mind leaving our large house in their capable hands for months at a time.  
Vickie. 2020


Review:  Arizona Home Watch LLC

I would like to highly recommend Dee Kirkhart and her company, Arizona Home Watch LLC, to anyone who would like their Property inspected and tended to during a prolonged absence by the owner.

I have used Dee in this capacity for 8 or 9 years now.  She has been an extremely reliable and dependable professional in performing her duties.  She is flexible in coming up with a list of tasks/duties she will perform during her site visits, customizing her contract to the needs of each customer.  On a couple of occasions I have even given Dee a call during my absence to ask her to add a couple of new things to here list of duties.  After her visits, she provides her customer with a written summary of tasks accomplished and any pertinent observations she has made.

Dee is amazing.  She understands what she really is providing her customer is peace-of-mind.  That she does extremely well.


Fountain Hills, Az. 2020


My wife and I have aged and that has made a move closer to family to Virginia. Friends have asked us if we might have that plan reversed from most people that winter in AZ, but we love VA and all the historic events around the DC area. For the last five summers we have been in VA with our home in AZ being monitored and checked by Dee at AZ Home Watch. She has watched over it very carefully, with one time finding water at the garage door from a overdue replacement water softener. She checks our home carefully and the outdoor plants, starts our extra car and backs it out to run for a few minutes when she checks the house. Always sends us a report of what she finds within minutes of checking the house. A very good company and Dee is great. Loren and Pat 2019


Dee and AZ Home Watch has been weekly inspecting our Arizona winter home for seven years.  She is prompt in her inspections, and prompt in reporting back to us after each visit.  Occasionally, she finds something not quite right, usually an irrigation or pool matter, and immediately gets after the problem.  Along with the peace of mind that she affords us, on the rare occasion that we forgot something or need something from our AZ home, Dee is most helpful.  We can highly recommend her services.  RAD 2019


Review: Arizona Home Watch is a wonderful service provided to out of town owners and I do not worry about my home when I am not in town due to this program. She is very dependable and checks all items and then sends you a monthly report. She will work with your schedule and the cost is reasonable. Thank you so much Dee...Cyndi B....2019


Hi Dee,

I just wanted to mention we get letters delivered to our Calgary address frequently offering bundled landscaping, home inspection services ( they specifically target Canadians with property in the Phoenix valley). We always chuck them in the garbage and Jen and I commented “even if they offered the home inspection service for free we would not change”. We appreciate your services, the reliability and trust we have in you is extremely high and important to us.

Regards, Mike 2019


This past spring our company remodeled one of our clients backyards... including  many expensive plants. I recommended they have a home watch service to make sure that the irrigation was working properly in between our regularly scheduled maintenance visits. I always recommend Dee with Arizona Homewatch. Thank goodness we did. The irrgation timer failed. On Dee's weekly check she noticed stressed plants and sent me a picture. The plants had been without water for just a few days. Had she not noticed the complete new install would've died. Thank you Dee for your keen eyes and quick professional response!!  Her services are a  small investment while for peace of mind and avoidable loss and expense. A must have service for winter visitors or longer vacations!
Premier Home Services 2018


Arizona Home Watch and Dee K have been watching my Condo for 9 years now. The service has been top rate the whole time..Dee recently used a thermal imaging camera as part of the service to discover a slow leak in one of my walls. Immediately notified me so I could addresses the problem quickly.This has saved me from more extensive damages and repair cost. It is great comfort knowing while I'm in Canada not using my Condo, that AZ Home Watch is on the job.
Brendon.   2018


Arizona Homewatch provides me with exactly the service that I need.  I was very anxious about being away from the house for extended periods of time, so was thrilled to find Dee!  She is very flexible, offering to watch the house for however long I need.  She is always in communication, sending me regular updates and responding to any particular questions that I have about the house.  She even sent photos of work done by the gardener!  She helped to coordinate when I had to have a service person stop at the house and has been wonderful to work with.  I've had peace of mind since we hired her.  Very satisfiedl!

Susan,    2018


Great value for the fee.Dee is always willing to check on the dwelling whenever requested.

Joan P.  2016


We have had Dee as our "watch" person for two years now. The best thing about her service is the thoroughness and her quick response via email. If a problem arises, she has the knowledge and ability to take the appropriate action to solve the problem even if she cannot contact us immediately. In other words, she has common sense!! We would recommend her to anyone looking for a home watch service.

Becky   2016



 Just a note of appreciation for the care and concern you show for our home on a regular basis when we are away. Your very complete checklist plus any other matters of concern that you might have are always forthcoming and timely.
More than anything we know that we can contact you should there be any matter regarding our home that needs attention, and we are always confident that you will be on the job looking after things. 
You have been our home watch person for six years now and we couldn't be happier with your performance.

Thanks Dee

Chuck/Kim.     2016


We're very satisfied with the great professional service provided by Arizona Home Watch LLC whom we've using since 2012.
We appreciate the detailed reports and the "above and beyond" service such as identifying and informing us of any interior or exterior problems that might require third party.

Andy B.     2016


We have had Dee Kirkhart and Arizona Home Watch looking in on our Phoenix vacation home in our absence for close to five years. The service is excellent, well documented and 100% reliable. What's more, when we are thousands of miles away and need someone to do a special stop to look after something that is not part of the standard service, Dee and Arizona Home Watch respond very quickly.

I guess the competency of this service gives us the one thing money can't buy - "Peace of Mind".

Chuck 10/25/15


Dee, bless you and thank you! Sandy and I know you are the best and are very thankful to know you and to have your care for our Az. home.

Be well,

Brad. 10/21/15


I wanted to take a moment and write a review of the wonderful service my family and I receive from Az home watch. When we first bought our vacation home about three years ago, we knew we'd be leaving it for months at a time. When we were in Scottsdale finalizing our purchase, at the last minute before returning home, we decided we should find a person to check in on our home. It was our good fortune that the first and only call that we made was to Dee of Az Home Watch. We never give our property a second thought when we are away from it. Dee has done everything from the usual twice monthly check ups to meeting the police and doing a walkthrough when there was some strange events occurring at our property. Also, when our HOA had arranged for all the dryer vents to be cleaned, Dee happily met the contractor so that we didn't need to make an additional trip for that. I highly recommend Az Home Watch - Dee makes everything so easy for us. She's even adjusted our thermostat so we're not wasting energy. So nice to not have to worry!

Kelly.    4/14/14


I'm happy to endorse the services provided by Arizona Homewatch. For the past year and a half you and your team have been watching over our Arizona property with care and competency.
I anxiously await your checklist to see if everything is in order and working as it should. I know if there was anything wrong you would catch it.
At the present time we are not spending as much time in Arizona as we'd like and it allows us sleep at night, knowing our home is in your care.
Thanks to all you have done and heres to working with you for a long time to come.

Kim and Chuck.   2012


We couldn't be happier with the home watch services provided by Arizona Home Watch! They're reliable, easy to contact, and very clearly focused on customer service. We receive a thorough report via email each time our home in Fountain Hills is checked on. If you're looking for excellent home watch service provided in a timely, reliable fashion you should definitely contact Arizona Home Watch!

Ray & Christine

Anchorage, Alaska



I live in NY and own a rental home in Fountain Hills Az.

Dee has been a great help to me when the home is empty during the summer months.

Her house inspection emails are thorough and calm my concerns. She has also helped me with service calls that were needed.

She's the best!

Jo  C.   2012


This letter is written in support of the services provided by Arizona Home Watch LLC

Hi Dee, this is just a brief note to tell you how much we value your services. Since we live a long distance from our Arizona condo we really appreciate your checking on it when we are not there. Having used your services for a number of years now we always found our condo to be in great shape when we return. It is very comforting to receive your periodic emails commenting on all the various things you inspect each time you visit and to know that if difficulties ever do arise you can find us a quality person to do the repairs. We look forward to having your help for many years to come.

Sincerely Ron and Lorraine



My wife and I recently completed construction of a second residence in San Tan Valley, a home which we occupy approximately four months a year. Naturally home maintenance and security has been a concern during those times when we have not been present.

This past spring we were fortunate in being able to secure the services of Dee at Arizona Home Watch LLC. Dee paid us an initial visit prior to offering a contract, during which time she made sure that every item we wished to have addressed was discussed and recorded. Since that time, we have found Dee to be incredibly thorough, flexible, reliable and accommodating. Let me provide some examples:

We decided to refinance our home several months ago, the process requiring that a bank appraiser be able to enter our home. One phone call to Dee and she made arrangements to meet the appraiser at our home at his convenience so that the appraisal could be completed in a timely fashion. She has also worked with our pest control company to coordinate visits to that technician can treat both the inside and outside of our residence.

Every visit results in a completed checklist which she send to us on the day she visits our home, and on which she notes those items to which she has attended, including any current or potential problem areas. In short, she has provided us with an incredible sense of peace and security, knowing that our home is being monitored and well-taken care of in our absence.

In summary, Dee does everything she says she will do, and she does it when she says it will be done. Equally important is the fact that she does so at an incredibly reasonable price. We wholeheartedly recommend Dee and Arizona Home Watch LLC without hesitation. The peace of mind and sense of security her service provides is truly priceless!


A Very Satisfied San Tan Valley Homeowner




With the summer season over, we wanted to once again thank you for the excellent job you did watching our Fountain Hills home. Your detailed communication kept us aware of many details that otherwise would have caused us a good deal of anxiety. We are especially appreciative of the "after storm" checks since undiscovered storm damage could quite possibly be catastrophic. 

We have recommended you to other Fountain Hills friends and acquaintances in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Also, feel free to use this in any of your advertising.

We will be contacting you in May to set up a schedule for next summer.

Tom and Janis,   2010


I love Arizona Home Watch llc. They are my peace of mind every summer!
Joyce, Fountain Hills, Az.



My experience with Arizona Home Watch has been everything I had hoped it would be. At each renewal period, I quickly arrange to continue their service and give myself a dose of anti-worry medicine. Leaving a house for a period of time, especially in these times, and in Arizona to boot, is stressful and worrisome. I have full confidence and rely on AHS without any concerns. Dee and her crew have been exceptionally dependable, competent and reliable. Thanks and thanks again, Ron, Scottsdale, Az


To All Prospective Clients of Home Watch:

This is an enthusiastic endorsement of the services provided by Dee Kirkhart and Sarah Rowles through their Az Home Watch LLC business.

In April 2008, we contracted with Dee and Sarah to manage our home while we were away for the entire summer. While we have owned our home for just three years, in the past friends watched the house for us in our absence. However, we were uncomfortable asking friends to do all the things that really should be done for a four or five month period (flushing toilets, running the dishwasher, keeping the car batteries charged, checking for pest, etc. ). So when Dee and Sarah's brochure came in the mail, we decided to try a professional company. In interviewing Dee, we were pleased to find very affordable rates, a long list of services provided as part of the contract, and promised regular emails regarding the status of things.

Over the course of the summer, they emailed us, as agreed after each visit and notified us regarding several concerns including a leak in the patio roof and water and water that had come in under the front door. Once or twice, we called Dee to ask her to make a separate visit to check something out, and this she did without hesitation. At each visit, they left a checklist of the things we had agreed would be done each time, including notes re anything unusual. These checklists were on our kitchen counter ready for out review when we returned to Arizona.

We recommend Az Home Watch LLC without reservation. Their past experiences with pest control and landscaping make them especially suited to this kind of work. In addition they are well organized,  very responsive, and a pleasure to work with.

Alan and Cynthia, Fountain Hills, Az.     


We used AZ Home Watch LLC this summer for the first time and were very satisfied with their service. We were particularly pleased with the email confirmations we received after each home check. This added to our peace of mind. We intend to continue to use them in the future.

​Ron, Fountain Hills, Az


Sept. 30, 2008

Re: Az Home Watch LLC

One of the principal causes of anxiety for a snow-bird is often the unknown as it pertains to a second home. We feel very fortunate the services provided by Az Home Watch completely eliminated the unease we used to feel when we were away.

The service and communication was beyond what we expected. They took care of the golf cart, irrigation drip problems and even arranged to open the house for a pest control visit. 

They were not only our eyes and ears at the house they also provided a little heart...

That's what is special about them.

Sue and Ken, Tonto Verde, Az.


Oct. 14, 2008

Dear Dee,

 We arrived in Fountain Hills on Oct. 13th. We were very happy to see the house in such great condition. Thank you very much for your excellent job. We have used other home watch services in the past and have always found them lacking. It was therefore, a great relief when your service exceeded our expectations. Your thoroughness and great communication eliminated anxiety on our part as we always felt totally comfortable knowing you were looking out for us. The after storm checks, the photos of possible problems and your clean up prior to our arrival are all examples of "extras" that we very much appreciate.